Our Team Concept

Did You Know . . . There are nearly 200 research steps, procedures, processes and review stages
in a successful Residential Real Estate transaction.

It’s Like Having a Realtor with 8 Arms, 8 Legs and
The Brainpower of 4 Sharp Dedicated Business Professionals

Most agents operate a one-person show – and they’re probably breaking their backs trying to do a good job for their clients.  Most Agents really couldn’t work any harder than they’re already working.  I know, because for years I did it that way.

But not anymore . . . because I found that my Client’s suffered from my good intentions.  You may be sympathetic to the fact that an Agent is working as hard as humanly possible, but if the quality and profitability of your home sale suffers as a result of them trying to do everything themselves, well . . . you have a right to feel cheated.

Single Agents Just Can’t Do It All!  Check out the single agent’s business model compared to our Team Concept.  This represents a few, certainly not all of the tasks it takes to ensure a successful Residential Real Estate transaction.