5 Inexpensive Kitchen Updates

5 Inexpensive Kitchen Updates

An updated kitchen remodel is one of the number one features Rancho Cucamonga home buyers seek when shopping for a home. It’s also high on the wish list for Rancho Cucamonga homeowners living in dated homes and that have no intention of moving.

Here are 5 Inexpensive Kitchen Updates and do-it-yourself tips the prudent Inland Empire homeowner or home buyer might consider to update and provide the feel of a newer Kitchen that won’t cost the equivalent of a tropical island getaway:

5 Inexpensive Kitchen Updates1. Instead of new appliances: If kitchen appliances are functional, but mismatched or dated, you might consider repainting them to match with fresh coats of black, white, silver or even Liquid Stainless Steel.  Home Depot also carries a Rust-Oleum Specialty Appliance Paint that comes in a variety of colors.  Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel, though, appears to be safe for all appliances and can even be used on cabinet doors for a more industrial or contemporary feel.

2. Replace Your Backsplash: Rather than simply re-paint or re-tile your kitchen backsplash, consider the updated look that peel-and-stick metallic tiles or Mosaic Decorative Wall Tiles could offer. Both can be ordered online, but the tiles are usually available at both Home Depot and Lowes.

3. Dated cabinets:  A simple coat of paint might make a huge difference, but you might also consider decorative door and drawer pulls.  Depending on your decor you may even consider removing a couple of the upper cabinet doors and replacing them with decorative wrought iron doors or leaving them open to display contents.

4.  Replace Those Countertops:  Tiled countertops with numerous grouted seams are an age-defining giveaway.  You don’t have to pay the price for granite to get a great look.  Consider a do-it-yourself project installing concrete surfaces in the kitchen.  The choices in concrete colors and textures are almost endless and its durability is a huge plus.  The cost for installing DIY concrete countertops in a normal sized kitchen should run less than $1000 and will take, with curing time, about 10 days to complete.

5. Update Kitchen Lighting:  We often fail to look up and imagine the possibilities.  Pendant lighting over an island can really help create a more contemporary updated look for a kitchen as well as providing more light over a work surface.  Remove and replace fluorescent panels with recessed task lighting; consider installing wireless under-cabinet LED lighting that can produce some great results and you can do-this-yourself.  Impressive lighting results can be had for under $100.

Details can make a huge difference on how a room is perceived.  These 5 Inexpensive Kitchen Updates are all relatively inexpensive fixes for kitchen remodels, but I know opinions may vary a lot on this subject.  So, I would love to hear some of your ideas on things you have done (or seen done) to update a kitchen on a slim budget.  Additional suggestions and comments are always welcomed!

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