Find an Eastvale Short Sale Agent


Find an Eastvale Short Sale Agent 

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Inland Empire Short SalesAre you an Eastvale Home Seller trying to find a Real Estate Agent to list your Eastvale home?  Listing your Eastvale home is easy, but if you need to find an Eastvale Short Sale Listing Agent you will need to do your homework. 

A Short Sale Real Estate Agent does much more than take pictures, install a For Sale sign in the front yard and put your Eastvale home in the MLS. 

An Eastvale Short Sale Agent also handles the negotiations with your Lender(s).  Eastvale Short Sales can be difficult, tedious and hard to negotiate.  If your Eastvale Short Sale Agent doesn’t have experience dealing with Loss Mitigation, Short Sales and Bank Negotiators then you could end up paying the ultimate financial price for their lack of knowledge and experience by losing your house to foreclosure! 

Never use an inexperienced Real Estate Agent to negotiate your Eastvale Short Sale. 

Do You Need to Find an Eastvale Short Sale Agent? 

Foreclosures and Short Sales have dominated the Eastvale real estate market over the past 6 years and many Real Estate Agents have begun marketing themselves as REO and Eastvale Short Sale Specialists.  Most of these Agents have little or NO REO or Short Sale experience and unfortunately don’t possess the expertise to successfully close your Eastvale Short Sale. 

What Makes Us Different? 

With previous Asset Manager, we know what banks want and how to get your Eastvale Short Sale successfully closed. 

Our team has closed hundreds of Inland Empire Short Sales over the years. We do not share this information to impress you, but to impress upon you the experience we have in Short Sale negotiations. We successfully close over 95% of our Inland Empire Short Sale listings and work very hard to ensure our client’s meet their real estate needs. 

If you are considering a Short Sale on your Eastvale home or have questions, let’s talk!

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We Also Encourage You To Attend Our Financial Recovery Workshop 

If you are local and you’ve never attended, please make sure you catch the next Keller Williams Realty Financial Recovery Workshop. Do you want to learn more about the housing market? Do you have questions about avoiding foreclosure? Are you considering an Eastvale Short Sale? Get the answers from industry experts. Contact me, I’d love to invite you to the next event. 

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