Facing Foreclosure?

Facing Foreclosure?
You Have Options . . . Let Us help



Facing ForeclosureFacing Foreclosure is hard. As Realtors, we get a daily reality check of how this economy is affecting families here in our community…our neighbors, our family, our friends and our past clients. Good hardworking people just like you.

We see their worry, their stress, the difficult choices they face as they lose their jobs or experience other hardships as their loans suddenly spike and they fall behind in their mortgage. One thing they all had in common – Time was not on their side.

Don’t Let Time Run Out

That’s where we come in. As your local Short Sale Specialists, we are experts in all the stages of foreclosure. Our expertise helps you understand your options and we show you how to turn those options into a fresh start for you and your family. That’s our business. We help families avoid foreclosure. Our clients take comfort in knowing we are on their side…and they enjoy peace of mind knowing everything possible is being done to help them.

When you avoid foreclosure everybody wins . . . you, your family and your community.

Short Sales are a legal and honest alternative to foreclosure. Banks and Lenders are motivated to accept Short Sale offers to avoid the costly foreclosure process. The Short Sale is a Win-Win situation for all parties involved:


Win #1: The SELLER wins by getting out of their financial predicament with pride and a salvaged credit score.

Win #2: The LENDER wins by avoiding timely and costly foreclosure proceedings that could lead to an even more costly expense of REO (Real Estate Owned) property by the bank.

Win #3: The BUYER wins by getting a property at good market value.

Win #4: And the REALTOR I win by getting a commission paid by the bank for a job well done. 

What are your options? . . . I’m glad you asked! 

Let’s get started . . . let us show you all your options to avoid foreclosure.  We have shared a great deal of information here on our website.  Grab a cup of coffee, you’re invited to take some time to read and learn. 

Remember Information is Knowledge
 . . . and Knowledge is Power.